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Updated John Deere data exchange module

Automatic loading and generation of reports for field works

Agro reports cover all equipment and land bank

Automatic calculation of the area of work in real time

IoT Agriculture Solutions

PreAgri develops crop yield prediction solution

PreAgri is available in Portuguese

What next language would you like PreAgri to speak?

Samples of of Java and JavaScript requests

The results list of NDVI maps

NDVI snapshot of the field for only $0.2

Just 5 minutes for registration and $1000 saving!

Integration with weather stations Pessl Instruments

Indicators of sensors and weather forecast, monitoring of plant diseases and insects

The map of slopes

Why build terrain maps and calculate slopes?

How to get the accurate coordinates of the moving machines?

Additional features for GPS equipment with RTK mode

Making relief map

Terrain maps by field works data

Visualization of soil density data

Automatic mapping based on soil survey data

Layers "Sowing" and "Yield" on the map

Checking the yield with the formation of a reporting form

Images on the map

New mechanism to display images on the map

NDVI maps of Sentinel 2, Landsat 8, PlanetScope and RapidEye

Automatic algorithm for loading and analyzing the amount of active biomass

Designing soil sampling maps

Making cartograms and prescription maps

Prescription maps for field eqipment

Defferencial seeding and planting helps to save from 5% to 20%

Downloading field works automatically

Checking of doing tasks for selected field and equipment