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The possibilities of PreAgri was expanded of new features. In the layer with the agrochemical analise can be uploaded and visualized soil density measurement data. According to the data obtained during the measurement, several cartograms reflecting the density of soil are formed at different depths (up to 60 centimeters). Users of the service can make their decisions based not only on the mapping of fieldwork, agrochemical survey, satellite and UAV, field weather stations, as well as data on agronomic instruments such as penetrometer. In additional, for the layer of agrochemical soil survey data, the list of system-reserved attributes for constructing cartograms has been expanded. Now for users the automatic generation of cartograms is available for displaying the contents of such elements as boron, manganese, molybdenum, copper, cobalt, carbohydrate, cadmium, lead, iron, sulfur, zinc, calcium, magnesium. It is possible to build cartograms for visualizing the mechanical composition of the soil, namely the content of clay, silt, sand, organic matter, electrical conductivity, cation exchange capacity.

Visualization of soil density data

Automatic mapping based on soil survey data