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Most agricultural enterprises try to set up a control system for lease contracts through 1C programs or use similar software, which, as a rule, are configured in manual mode and don`t have a spatial information display. But the process of summarizing data on lease agreements and actual use is quite time-consuming. Over the past year, a lot of work has been done on the integration of PreAgri products, GIS 6 Web solutions and GIS 6. GIS 6 contains all the necessary functions for land registration, all types of ownership/use, documentation, etc. GIS 6 Web Solution allows displaying data in a Web interface and provides Rest API access to data for external solutions. Such integration makes it possible to display on the general PreAgri map, in addition to the company's land fund, also lease agreements, permanent use and private property. Visualization by terms of lease agreements and types of land use can be configured in the PreAgri system parameters. In addition, a reporting form has been developed that allows you to summarize accounting data and actual use by administrative units and tenants.

Land bank and rights to it

How to set up a control system for accounting data and actual land use?