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In AgTech era, the most advanced & most accurate decisions depend on the many types of data. A huge amount of viable data must be collected and analyzed.

Statistical models and algorithms are used to forecast future events and behaviors. Analyzing historical data, such as yields, weather, trends in soil, fertilizer inputs, and more, together with real-time data, can give the farmer powerful tools to make informed decisions and manage risks.

PreAgri enables to collect the field data from the drone, telematics, weather stations via API, storage all the data in one place, manage the field workflows, build prescription maps, monitor the crop yields using NDVI.

As the leading AG service platform, PreAgri continuously develops innovative opportunities, this time - for the most accurate Crop yield prediction in a nearly human-level performance.

Thus, not surprisingly technology development is a key to farming profitability.

IoT Agriculture Solutions

PreAgri develops crop yield prediction solution