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The relief as well as the chemical composition of soils, affects the use of agricultural land. On slopes from 3 to 5 degrees, it is necessary to conduct the cultivation of the land across the slope (along the horizontals), on slopes from 5 to 7 degrees - to seed perennial grasses, on slopes from 7 to 9 degrees - to plant bushes or to plan forest protective trees. The areas with slopes from 12 to 15 degrees are no longer suitable for processing conventional agricultural equipment and it can't to grow the most of agricultural crops on such lands. Visually, it is difficult to determine slopes, and hence the regime of land use. For solve above questions, we have improved the algorithm for creating terrain maps, which makes it possible to build slope maps below it. For the slope map, you can adjust the color scheme to the specified slope degrees.

The map of slopes

Why build terrain maps and calculate slopes?